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From: Xavier
Subject: Father-Son Workout #1Father/Son Workout #1
by Xavier LThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his minor
son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this
theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them lolita legal nude pics listed in the
Authors section toward the bottom under Xavier L.Please feel free to email me with comments or if you'd like to be notified
when there are new stories or updates to existing ones at
My 15-year-old son, Ellis, has always been quite popular with the girls. I
have to admit he's a very good looking kid. Dark brown hair with blue eyes
so light they're almost transparent. He lolita legal nude pics has fairly pale skin, so it all
makes for some eye-catching contrast. He has a swimmer's build too. Nice
V shape to his torso with a nice 6-pack. We have a close relationship and
always have. I wasn't sure how our relationship would hold up after he hit
his teens, but it's still great.Ellis' mother took off with another man about 6 years ago, so it's just
been Ellis and I this whole time. I've dated off and on, but no one really
special. Has, of course, made for some horny times for me. I guess that's
what pushed me to the edge that one Saturday morning.Ellis and I were working out in the basement. We were each wearing only
gym shorts. I was sitting down doing some barbell curls and was watching
Ellis on the bench press. He didn't like having a spotter, but I tried to
stay close by in case he needed help. Due to my position I could see a
little up his gym shorts and noticed that his newfound underwear "phobia"
extended to his gym attire as well. I was now staring at the head of my
son's dick since he was wearing no underwear. Something inexplicable
kindled inside of me. I wanted to touch it, to feel his manhood grow in my
hand as I pleasured him.Seemingly hypnotized I rose from my bench and walked over to his side. I
placed my hand on his thigh just below where his shorts ended and said:
"How's it going sport?""Great. . . Dad," he grunted in response as he continued lifting the
weights.I looked at him and smiled. I made my decision and knew if I wasted any
time, he may not be receptive. So I took a deep breath and then rapidly
ran my hand up his thigh, under his shorts and took hold of his dick.
"Dad?!" he blurted out as he tried to rack the bar. I began stroking his
flaccid cock. As soon as the weights were racked, he tried to sit up, but
I placed my hand on his chest and pushed him gently back while my other
continued stroking his dick."It's OK son," I said."Dad. . . ""It's OK," I reassured him, his dick growing and becoming hard in my hand.
"A guy can help his son out. There's nothing wrong with that." He stopped
struggling, a look of obvious confusion, mixed with some enjoyment, on his
face. I smiled at him, and repeat "It's OK son." By now his cock was
completely firm. I would guess it was at least 7 inches. I took my hand
off of his cock only long enough to push the shorts leg up over his cock,
allowing me to see his full rod. His 2 underage virgin lolita bbs large balls were now resting on the
black naked shy preteen lolita vinyl of the weight bench. I gently massaged them, enjoying the feel
of the soft skin covered by his dark brown pubes.My hand that was resting on his chest now began gently rubbing the firm
pecs beneath it. "You've got such a nice body Ellis," I praised him.
"It's OK son. There's nothing wrong with family admiring each other." I
was back to stroking his beautiful cock again. I moved the hand on his
chest down his abs to where his thin treasure trail was located. I noticed
his breathing begin to quicken as my hand closed in on his waist.It was uncomfortable bending down, so I decided to kneel next to him as I
continued exploring his body, caressing all the curves and ripples of his
athletic shape. But I became transfixed by the vision of his hard cock.
Once again I was drawn by it and found myself moving my head closer and
closer to it until my lips were almost touching it. I hovered there
motionless, my heart pounding, the musky scent from my son's crotch
invading my senses. I briefly heard Ellis say, "Dad . . . what," but his
statement was cut off as I parted my lips and the helmet head of his cock
entered my moist mouth.I buried as much of his cock into my mouth as I could on the first attempt,
adoringly sliding up and down the stiff shaft, the salt from the skin of
his dick delighting my tongue. I let his dick flop 11 years amazing lolita out of my mouth, and
then I ran my tongue slowly down the side of his rod until I reached the
base, and then I took his balls into my mouth one by one and gently sucked
on them. He was moaning now.I stopped, beginning to gently stroke his cock now and asked, "Do you want
me to stop Ellis?" My question was met with silence. "If you don't want
to me stop, then take your shorts off. It'll be easier and more fun that
way," I said.There was only a brief hesitation until I saw his hands push down at his
shorts. When he had them to midthigh, I took over and practically jerked
them off of his legs. I pushed his legs apart more and moved in between
them. "Slide down a bit," I instructed him. He nn loli y o
moved so that his hips
were at the edge of the bench. I went back to sucking on his balls. "I
love you son. This is why I'm doing this. I want to make you feel good."
I then turned my attention back to his throbbing cock and quickly took it
deep into my mouth, working at it repeatedly until I could get more of it
down my throat. As it passed into my throat, I heard a sharp intake of
breath from my boy.I quickly pulled off phtc preteen lolitas bbs
of his cock and asked: "Are you OK? Did that hurt?"
He replied by placing his strong hands on my head and pushing me back down
onto his rod. I hungrily devoured his cock, this time going even further
down the shaft until it was almost completely buried in my mouth. I could
feel his pubic hairs brushing against my nose. I placed my arms underneath
his muscular, hairy thighs and could feel his tight muscles as he began to
pump his cock back and forth in my throat. It started to make me gag a
little, so I began to pull my head up, but his hands pushed my head back
down and held it while he began fucking my face.I was completely lost in the passion, taste and smell, as well as the
weight of my son's hands on my head. I moved my hands out from under his
legs and wrapped them around his hips, my hands firmly placed on his solid
ass cheeks as he continued to bury himself inside my mouth. "Oh gawd Dad!"
I heard him say as he became more frantic in his movements. I became even
more greedy in response and soon he shoved my head down even farther as his
cum exploded into my mouth. Again I tried in vain to take his cock out of
my mouth as I began to gag and cough, but his hands held me in place, and
so I began swallowing his salty load as his cock continued to gush.When at last his dick began to go soft, he moved his hands away, and I
allowed his cock to flop out of my mouth. I was a bit dizzy and
light-headed. He was still breathing hard as he lay on the bench. "Was
that OK?"I asked."OK? That was incredible Dad!"I smiled and without even thinking said, "Any time you want, son. All you
have to do is ask."
Watch for part 2
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